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Here are links to my posts about baking-oriented gadgets, cook books, recipes, specialty products, events, and other useful stuff for bakers at any level.Bakery Boy

House Divided Cookbooks Dueling cookbooks by a married pair of bakers/cooks with opposing college football loyalties stir up pregame flavors for Dixie’s most fabled rivalry: Auburn vs Alabama. (see post…)

Bake Cookies In Your Car Fellow bakery blogger Nicole Weston of Baking Bites shares her technique for baking chocolate chip cookies on the dashboard of a summer-hot car. (see post…)

RECIPE – Puff Dough from Tellico Grains Bakery Minimal handling and cold chunks of butter are keys to making flaky pastries with this simple recipe. (see post…)

RECIPE – Star Spangled Chunky Chip Cookies This patriotic red-white-and-blue cookie recipe will put the finishing touch on the July 4th cookout at my house. (see post…)

Cherry Picking Time at Levering Orchard It’s cherry-picking time in Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains. The baked goods you’ll make with the cherries you don’t eat during the drive home will be fantastic. (see post…)

RECIPE – Cherry Crisp Baking with cherries you picked yourself makes them taste better. Harvest some at Levering Orchard in western Virginia and you’ll understand. (see post…)

RECIPE – Cherry Pie With delicious cherries in season, head to Levering Orchard in western Virginia for pick-your-own fruit, a lovely outing, and cherry recipes to bake at home. (see post…)

Open House at Artisan Bakeries Taste exceptional breads and show your support for artisan bakers during this widespread June 25, 2011, event. (see post…)

International Biscuit Festival Celebrate the humble biscuit at this Knoxville event in late May featuring biscuit songwriting, art, Miss and Mister Biscuit contests, and lots of biscuit tasting. (see post…)

National Cornbread Festival Cornbread is king in the tiny Tennessee town known for producing cast-iron cookware that’s perfect for baking cornbread. (see post…)

RECIPES – Cornbread Here are three popular recipes shared during the National Cornbread Cook-offs, part of the National Cornbread Festival held the last weekend in April in South Pittsburg, Tennessee. (see post…)

BOOK REVIEW – Scandinavian Classic Baking by Pat Sinclair These Nordic recipes rooted in Scandinavia remind me of my own winters in Minnesota, where the author developed them. (see post…)

RECIPE – Finnish Browned Butter Teaspoon Cookies from Scandinavian Classic Baking Pat Sinclair’s latest cookbook, from Pelican Publishing, includes this traditional teaspoon cookie recipe. (see post…)

RECIPE – Scandinavian Apricot Almond Bars from Scandinavian Classic Baking Another excellent recipe from Pat Sinclair’s new cookbook. (see post…)

Asheville Artisan Bread Bakers Festival Sample great bread and learn a few baking techniques during an extraordinary convergence (April 2, 2011) of bread bakers Asheville, North Carolina. (see post…)

Braiding Challah See a slideshow of baker Jennifer Jacobs braiding beautiful loaves of challah at Crème Patisserie & Confectionery in Asheville, NC. (see post…)

Cupcake Cuties, Pasadena, CA In cupcake couture, looks count. Theresa Deliberto finds winning looks with Cupcake Cuties, her themed kits for dressing up any cupcakes. (see post…)

RECIPE – Craisin Pumpkin Walnut Muffins by Bakery Boy How did I not know about Craisins until recently? Now I can’t get enough of them in breads, on salads, with yogurt, and especially in muffins. (see post…)

HOW TO – Christmas Ornaments Made of Bread The bread ornaments I made 25 years ago are holding up pretty well, so this holiday season I made more to give as gifts. Here’s how. (see post…)

BOOK REVIEW – Cast Your Bread Upon the Waters by Sister Schubert The down-home baker known simply as “Sister,” whose irresistible yeast rolls are legendary in the South, shares recipes and her inspiring story in her cookbook. (see post…)

RECIPE – Focaccia from Sister Schubert’s Cast Your Bread Upon the Waters Here’s your chance to make Sister’s version of a type of bread that dates back to ancient Roman times. (see post…)

RECIPE – Country Corn Muffins from Sister Schubert’s Cast Your Bread Upon the Waters Patricia Barnes (aka Sister Schubert) shares one of her family’s favorite traditional recipes. (see post…)

BOOK REVIEW – The Boozy Baker, A Spirited Cookbook by Lucy Baker All 75 recipes in this tipsy cookbook, The Boozy Baker: 75 Recipes for Spirited Sweets, include strong spirits, the results not of a barfly lifestyle but of one food writer’s devotion to not wasting a drop. (see post…)

RECIPE – Southern Comfort Red Velvet Cake from The Boozy Baker Lucy Baker, author of The Boozy Baker: 75 Recipes for Spirited Sweets, shares this recipe involving the famously sweet southern elixir in its name. (see post…)

RECIPE – Beer Profiteroles from The Boozy Baker Lucy Baker, author of The Boozy Baker: 75 Recipes for Spirited Sweets, shares this recipe involving that most basic of alcoholic beverages, beer. (see post…)

RECIPE – Fig Hazelnut Frangipane Tart The sisters behind Sweet Life Patisserie in Eugene, OR, graciously agrees to share their fabulous Fig Tart recipe with Bakery Boy Blog readers. (see post…)

Cake Knife Tips “Psst! Hey, Joe, bring your knife, it’s almost time to sing.” Why I always keep a cake knife handy at the office. (see post…)

Cake Croutons–What a Concept An idea so crazy it just might work. The Sweetery in South Carolina makes Cake Croutons in five flavors. (see post…)

Bakers Peels, Dough Bowls & Cutting Boards Home bakers feel like stylish pros using  bakers’ peels and dough bowls crafted by Tom Sternal of Elkland Handwerke in North Carolina. (see post…)

Baking in an Artisan Pot Potter Tena Payne of Earthborn Studios makes gorgeous stoneware pots perfect for baking cobblers and pies, and they’re things of beauty even when not in use. (see post…)

BOOK REVIEW – Cakes to Die For! by Bev Shaffer Cake bakers have another reason to live, as if they need one more. Let’s face it: Cake bakers already have plenty of friends and admirers. Their sweet creations brighten celebrations  and make people happy. Now they also have Bev Shaffer’s inspiring and thorough ode to the genre, Cakes to Die For! (Pelican Publishing Company, $26.95). (see post…)


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