Bakery Life

Here are links to some of my essays about bakery life. -Bakery Boy

Vintage Bakery Sign Restored A 3-digit phone number. Coke for a nickel. Simpler times. A vintage sign recently restored on the side of an Alabama building recalls Square Deal Bakery circa 1922. (see post…)

Bake Cookies In Your Car Fellow bakery blogger Nicole Weston of Baking Bites shares her technique for baking chocolate chip cookies on the dashboard of a summer-hot car. (see post…)

Cookies and Milk at Tellico Grains Bakery I’ve interviewed hundreds of bakers, but this was the first one who—without prompting—tucked into some cookies and milk just for the simple pleasure of it. A Zen moment. Bakery life is good! (see post…)

Gingerbread Cookie Blues A friend shared this one-minute YouTube video with me after noticing the gingerbread man I use as my logo. Those little cookies sure can play the blues! (see post…)

Bob Dylan Baking Songs My favorite songwriter turned 70 and my Bakery Boy Blog turned 1 the same week recently, so in celebration I pulled together this list of his lyrics that refer to baking, baked goods, or even basic ingredients commonly used in baking. (see post…)

Bakery Boy Blog Goes Global Besides reaching a growing audience of bakery fans all across America, the website now has followers signed up for free e-alerts in Australia, Canada, Lithuania, India, and England. (see post…)

Braiding Challah See a slideshow of baker Jennifer Jacobs braiding beautiful loaves of challah at Crème Patisserie & Confectionery in Asheville, NC. (see post…)

Baking 1800s Style at the Chuckwagon Cookoff Using cast-iron pots over campfires beside his vintage chuck wagon, Lexie Dean bakes old-fashioned fruit pies, cornbread, and biscuits at this annual event in Pigeon Forge, TN. (see post…)

Christmas Ornaments Made of Bread The bread ornaments I made 25 years ago are holding up pretty well, so this year I made more to give as gifts. (see post…)

Bakery Boy Blog featured on The website, which pinpoints “the best places in America to live, work, play, explore and belong,” has tipped its hat to the Bakery Boy Blog on its Best Places to Live Blog. (see post…)

Cake Knife Tips “Psst! Hey, Joe, bring your knife, it’s almost time to sing.” Why I always keep a cake knife handy at the office. (see post…)

Bakery Outlet Bargains We pause in our pursuit of terrific bakeries to remember that, during tough economic times, we need terrific bargains too. Let’s see what $5 will buy at a bakery outlet store. (see post…)

Rusty Old Bake Shop Sign This rusty old bake shop sign marked my family’s bakery for generations. So where is it now? (see post…)

Why My Father the Baker Never Paid for a Haircut This is no because-he-was-bald joke. The man knew how to swing a deal. It took a Dumpster-diving bum to solve the mystery for me. (see post…)

Baking Beatles All you “knead” is love. At least two of the Beatles were also bakers, and baked goods pop up in some of the songs. (see post…)

Trading for Twinkies Chalk it up to youthful indiscretion, but I used to swap glorious homemade cake for shrink-wrapped industrial blandness. (see post…)

Raised by (Wild) Bakers Growing up in a bakery inhabited by flour-dusted men and icing-flecked women. (see post…)

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