RECIPE Puff Dough from Tellico Grains Bakery

Minimal handling and cold chunks of butter are keys to making flaky pastries with this simple recipe.

story & photos by Bakery Boy

recipe by Stuart Shull

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I try to learn something new from every baker I meet, and to pass along tips to Bakery Boy Blog readers when I can. During my visit with Stuart and Anissa Shull at Tellico Grains Bakery, Stuart made a batch of puff dough, a simple combination of flour, butter, and water that the couple uses for pie crusts, turnovers and fruit tarts. Here’s his recipe, scaled down to make enough dough for three pies.


– 2 ½ cups flour

– pinch of salt

– 12 ounces very cold butter cut into one-inch cubes

– ¾ cup ice-cold water

Combine flour and salt in the bowl of a standing mixer, using the paddle attachment

Add cold butter and mix on low speed until butter cubes start to round off (about 45 seconds)

Add cold water and mix just until the dough starts to come together

Turn dough onto a table, gather into rough rectangle, cut in half, stack one half on top of other, and gently press down

Repeat cutting, stacking, and pressing down a total of three times

Cut dough into three equal-size pieces and wrap in plastic individually

Let dough rest in the refrigerator for at least one hour before rolling out for pies or pastries

Chunks of butter should show in each crosscut


• The key to this recipe is to do most of the mixing by hand on the table instead of in the mixer; this provides more control and fewer inconsistencies in your final product.

• You want chunks of butter still showing in the cuts each time you divide the dough, not completely blended in; this will help create a flakier crust as it bakes.

Tasty result: A flaky-crusted apple turnover from Tellico Grains Bakery


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Tellico Grains Bakery

105 Depot Street

Tellico Plains, TN 37385






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  3. This is so neat! Great story about the owners, fantastic pics and a great recipe.

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