Here are links to my posts about some of my favorite bakeries. Enjoy! – Bakery Boy

Allergy-Friendly Annie May’s Sweet Cafe  Allergen-free treats dominate Annie May’s menu in Louisville, Kentucky, because Annie May is on a mission. (see post…)

WildFlour Pastry “Sticky Bun Sunday” has such a nice ring to it. Join the happy crowd smacking sticky fingers at this neighborhood treasure in historic Charleston. (see post…)

 Louisa’s Bakery I’ve never seen a baker use a bread thermometer as consistently as Missy Mercer, owner of this fine bakery in Montgomery, Alabama. (see post…)

Tellico Grains Bakery Why does Tellico Plains, a very small town in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains, have such a terrific artisan bakeshop? (see post…)

Sweet Auburn Bread Company “People are always happy when they come into a bakery,” says Sonya Jones, explaining why she loves being a baker. (see post…)

Shashy’s Bakery Fruit pies, cinnamon rolls, cheese biscuits and even Fried Green Tomatoes Eggs Benedict please bakery fans in Alabama’s capital city. (see post…)

Paul’s Pot Pies Steaming hot pot pies from Paul Lubertazzi’s Traveling Fare Cafe in Marietta, GA, really hit the spot any time of year. (see post…)

World’s Best Carrot Cake It takes supreme confidence to include the words “world’s best” in a company’s name. Does the cake live up to the claim? (see post…)

Crème Patisserie & Confectionery, Asheville, NC Two friends with a shared passion for pastries, cakes, and artisan breads—handmade in small batches—join forces at this excellent bakeshop. (see post…)

Short Street Cakes, Asheville, NC A social worker by training and a “cake lady” at heart, Jodi Rhoden combines her love of baking with her determination to help people. (see post…)

Filo, Asheville, NC Greek treats rule at this bakery, café, art gallery and cozy hangout run by Maria Papanastasiou. (see post…)

Balthazar Bakery, New York, NY One of the best and classiest bakeries I’ve ever encountered leaves me speechless—all the better to savor each delicious bite. (see post…)

Panaderia España, San Juan, Puerto Rico Bakeries in Puerto Rico are popular neighborhood gathering places where people linger, talk, read, and eat. (see post…)

Sweet Life Patisserie, Eugene, OR Two sisters live the sweet life making treats to moan for, including a cake whose name some hesitate to say aloud—Chocolate Orgasm. (see post…

Simple Kneads, Greensboro, NC Duck down an alley, step through a screen door, and feast your senses on simply beautiful breads and pastries. (see post…)

Blueberry Pie in Maine Love blueberry pie? Find pie nirvana at the Quietside Cafe in Southwest Harbor, Maine, where it turns out there’s another culinary treat besides great lobster. (see post…)

Brick Street Cafe, Greenville, SC “Even I don’t know the secret recipe for my sweet potato pie and sweet potato cake,” says ukulele-strumming restaurateur and baker Sara Wilson. (see post…)

VG’s Bakery, Farragut, TN Everything made from scratch and no compromising on quality are the twin mantras practiced at this excellent bakery west of Knoxville. (see post…)

Australian Bakery Cafe, Marietta, GA Down Under bakers put the “g’day mate” and “good on ya” into an unrivaled bakery experience, especially if you like meat pies. (see post…)

Breadgarden, Atlanta, GA Atlanta bread guru Catherine Krasnow waxes eloquent  about the taste and texture of truly worthy loaves. (see post…)

The Sweetery, Anderson, SC Try the Uggly Cake (shown here). What it lacks in good looks it more than makes up for in great taste. (see post…)

D Square Donuts, Auburn, AL If the D Square Donuts slogan “four more bites” doesn’t bring you around, the generously applied fillings and toppings will. (see post…)

Stick Boy Bread Co., Boone, NC For its impressive baked goods, Stick Boy belongs on any bakery fan’s must-try list, even if the name begs explanation. (see post…)

Winkler Bakery, Winston-Salem, NC A wood-fired brick oven, hand-mixed dough, and a pioneer spirit mark this bakeshop in Old Salem, little changed since 1800. (see post…)

Old Mill Square, Pigeon Forge, TN Stone-ground grains for the baked goods served at two restaurants here come from an historic gristmill right next door. (see post…)

Henri’s Bakery, Atlanta, GA Pronounce it the French way, on-REE, and then try a taste of just about anything and say Oo-la-la! (see post…)

Savage’s Bakery, Homewood, AL From cakes and cookies to sweet dreams known as “Meltaways,” Savage’s sets a high standard for Birmingham-area bakeries. (see post…)

WildFlour Bakery, Abingdon, VA A bunch of aunts and one mom—scratch bakers all—influenced the gal who grew up to run this worthy find in western Virginia.  (see post…)

Muffin Man Bakery, Abingdon, VA Give this former schoolteacher an “A” for his effort to refashion himself as The Muffin Man in this far-western Virginia town. (see post…)

Steve’s Authentic Key Lime Pies, Brooklyn, NY More than 1,300 miles north of his Miami roots, Steve Tarpin brings a tropical-fruit delicacy to a Big Apple audience. (see post…)

Caputo Bakery, Brooklyn, NY Five generations of the Caputo family have built on tasty Italian traditions in the heart of Cobble Hill. (see post…)

Sugaree’s Bakery, New Albany, MS In a shop named for a Grateful Dead song—in a tiny Mississippi town you likely never heard of—a layer-cake fairy works magic. (see post…)

La Loba’s Bakery, Blue Mountain Beach, FL Hidden behind a bike shop in a Florida Panhandle beach town, La Loba’s makes giant cinnamon rolls, great scones, whole-grain breads, gluten-free granola & more. (see post…)

Niedlov’s Breadworks, Chattanooga, TN Naturally leavened Old World breads made with organic ingredients got this now-diversified labor of love going. (see post…)

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  3. I love your blog. It is very user friendly and a great idea. Everything looks so appetizing. I am a new French Patisserie in Eugene, Oregon. I was wondering if I could be featured on your blog. I want to share my passion for desserts and delicacies. I have been inspired by my mother who is an amazing baker. She taught me that you can make amazing creations using basic, yet delicious ingredients and a pinch of passion. Now it is my turn to share my passion with you. My mother always says;” A dessert is a delicious treat but is much more than that. It brings people together” Thank you so much in advance!
    Caramel French Patisserie

  4. Thanks for noticing my blog, Barbara, and for liking it enough to want to be featured. Let’s see what we can do about that. I look forward to checking out your patisserie next chance I get. — Bakery Boy

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