Bakery Boy Blog featured on, the website that pinpoints “the best places in America to live, work, play, explore and belong,” has tipped its hat to the Bakery Boy Blog on its Best Places to Live Blog.

Here is the link to Livability’s post about the “sweet” life of bakery blogging:

Apparently glad to discover my all-about-bakeries blog, Livability noticed that seven of the bakeries I’ve featured so far are located in communities it considers among the nation’s Most Livable Cities.

On the site you’ll find useful information about terrific cities you might want to live in, including stories about residents, businesses, shops (bakeries too of course!), parks, attractions, amenities, housing markets, and more. The site explores each community’s unique personality and highlights what makes the place special.

Thanks for the mention, If someday we find ourselves exploring the same town at the same time, the first round of petit fours will be on me!

Bakery Boy


Here are links to my earlier posts about bakeries in places designated Most Livable Cities by

Sweet Life Patisserie, Eugene, OR

Simple Kneads in Greensboro, NC

The Sweetery in Anderson, SC

D Square Donuts in Auburn, AL

WildFlour Bakery in Abingdon, VA

Muffin Man Bakery in Abingdon, VA

Niedlov’s Breadworks in Chattanooga, TN


2 responses to “Bakery Boy Blog featured on

  1. That is so cool! I always knew you were “livability” material.

  2. Joe, the links aren’t working. I am going to be in Chattanooga this weekend, call me if you want me to get some shots. Joe

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